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Pet Life in the UAE

There is a growing community of loving pet owners now living in the United Arab Emirates. Here of some of partners we have teamed up with who provide a great source of information concerning the pet friendly community.

British Mums

British Mums – Pet Friendly Guide

The British are a nation of animal lovers and it’s clear that British mums are no exception to that. Most of us have been well accustomed to our little ones pleading for their own pets but where do you start looking? 

Dubai and all the Emirates have quite a problem with stray animals, particularly at the time of year when expats typically leave the country so we always strongly encourage the adoption of animals in need, rather than purchasing from pet shops. There are so many places where you can adopt a fur baby across the Emirates, and some wonderful varieties at that – so we’ve put together a list of places you can start your search to adopt the pet that’s going to make the perfect addition to your family.

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