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Dog Walking Services in the UAE

With more people with pets choosing to live in cities and towns, there is now a huge demand for dog walking services.
Here of some of the local dog walkers in the UAE we have teamed up with.


We know how important your animal companions are to you. We also know that life can be busy and that you can’t always spend as much time as you’d like with your pet. That’s where we come in.

If you’re worried about leaving your dog alone at home while you’re working long hours, here’s a guilt-free solution! How would your dog like to spend the day while you’re at work? Dogs love to jump, run and play, and we encourage them to do so at our Daycare.

At our indoor and outdoor parks, your dog will enjoy activities, friends and unlimited toys under the supervision of our trained doggy caretakers. We ensure this is a safe and fun experience by creating different groups based on the dogs’ sizes and energy levels.

Your dog will come home from Daycare relaxed so you can spend quality time together.

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